Reading and Dining Spaces (ReaDine) at Sigoti Complex Girls Secondary School

Sigoti Complex Girls Secondary School is an Extra-County public girls’ boarding
a secondary school located in Sigoti Location of Upper Nyakach division of
Kisumu County, about 7Km off Kisumu-Sondu-Kisii highway.

The school was established in 1999 purely as a community initiative to improve access to education for girls. The institution operated as a day school up to 2007 when it became a boarding school. The school has since realized rapid development in terms of student population due to the introduction of Free Primary Education and Free Day Secondary Education programmes. However, the development of the physical infrastructure of the school has been gradual and not commensurate with the population growth.

Rapid growth in the student population exerts significant pressure on existing facilities, thereby causing serious congestion which affects the quality of education. The current enrollment of 1,200 students is twice the number that the existing infrastructure can accommodate optimally.

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Material Need
Item Q. Needed Q. Received Q. Pending Price(USD)
Murram 155 Tonne(s) 0 Tonne(s) 155 Tonne(s)
Termido 96 SC pesticide 10 Litre(s) 0 Litre(s) 10 Litre(s)
Riversand 47 Tonne(s) 0 Tonne(s) 47 Tonne(s)
Cement 279 50kg Bag(s) 0 50kg Bag(s) 279 50kg Bag(s)
Ballast 39 Tonne(s) 0 Tonne(s) 39 Tonne(s)
Mild Steel reinforcement-12 mm diameter 33 Piece(s) 0 Piece(s) 33 Piece(s)
binding wire- 25kg Roll 8 Roll(s) 0 Roll(s) 8 Roll(s)
Bricks - 6 inches or 150mm 8360 Piece(s) 0 Piece(s) 8360 Piece(s)
10000 litres plastic water tanks 8 Number(s) 0 Number(s) 8 Number(s)
Polyester membrane from recycled plastics 33 Number(s) 0 Number(s) 33 Number(s)
Premium quality weather proof paint as "Crown Permaplast" 73 Litre(s) 0 Litre(s) 73 Litre(s)
Marine plywood 1.2mm wide x2.4mm high (4' by 8') 12 Piece(s) 0 Piece(s) 12 Piece(s)
Paving blocks 23200 Piece(s) 0 Piece(s) 23200 Piece(s)
Water proofing- Damp Proof Course, 20m by 1.0m 191 Metre(s) 0 Metre(s) 191 Metre(s)
20 Gauge x 25 mm wide hoop iron 3 Roll(s) 0 Roll(s) 3 Roll(s)
Timber (formwork)- Wood planks approximate size (3000mmx200x20mm) 360 Piece(s) 0 Piece(s) 360 Piece(s)
Door- Salvaged flush door(2100x900mm) 33 Number(s) 0 Number(s) 33 Number(s)
20mm thick blockboard (for lockers) 172 Square Metre(s) 0 Square Metre(s) 172 Square Metre(s)
Timber (formwork) 2inch ordinary timber nails 1 50kg Bag(s) 0 50kg Bag(s) 1 50kg Bag(s)
Timber ( formwork)- 4inch ordinary timber nails 1 50kg Bag(s) 0 50kg Bag(s) 1 50kg Bag(s)
PPR/HDPE drain pipe 165 Linear Metre(s) 0 Linear Metre(s) 165 Linear Metre(s)
200mm diameter GI support stand 232 Linear Metre(s) 0 Linear Metre(s) 232 Linear Metre(s)
48.5X5.0mm Lateral supports 777 Linear Metre(s) 0 Linear Metre(s) 777 Linear Metre(s)
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Lynn Chepcheng 50 2022-01-12 16:57:02
Nickson Otieno 200 2022-04-01 09:44:28

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