Step 1.

Login into the system using your login details.

Step 2

Go to donate dropdown menu and then select cash.

Step 3

Click add button to add cash donation.

Step 4

Fill the cash donation form by

  • Selecting the project you wish to donate to.
  • Selecting your prefered payment mode.(M-pesa).
  • Entering the amount of cash you wish to donate.
  • Click donate to proceed to the next stage.



Step 5

Once you initiate a donation, you receive this prompt. You need to click the pay button to proceed.



Step 5

Once you click pay, you will receive a prompt like this. Confirm your M-pesa payment number  in the format 2547XXXXXXX then click pay via Mpesa.


Step 6

Accept the M-pesa STK prompt on your phone by entering your Mpesa PIN to complete the transaction.

After entering your PIN, click confirm button to confirm your payment.




This final thank you message will automatically appearon your screen.



You can see the real update of this particular donation on the particular project you donated to.