The government policies on Free Primary Education and 100% transition to secondary school has led to a great surge in the numbers of  pupils, students in elementary and secondary school s respectively. The numbers greatly exceed the available facilities and personnel which results in the dissatisfaction of the learners’ quest for education, which is considered a great empowerment tool.

The challenge on infrastructure is one of the greatest occasioned by the high numbers. For example, 38% of schools lack toilets and water facilities, 43.9% lack libraries and we have learning institutions. Additionally, there are schools in which the students are learning in classrooms that are near collapse or even under trees such that when it rains, studies have to be halted. The shortages ultimately contribute to dismal performance because the environment is not very much enabling for learning.

Despite the government efforts to bridge the infrastructural gap, there is still much that needs to be done. The stakeholders still need to come together mobilize resources to resolve the situation. Endelevu www.endelevu.afrcia presents the platform for the schools to crowdsource both new and second-hand construction materials for the building and renovation of the school infrastructure. The material donation to the various projects can easily be tracked from the features available on the platform. The increased internet penetration in Kenya and the digital revolution make it a timely solution as it is both web-based and app.  Endelevu, the social infrastructure solution.