Sustainability development refers to the developmental actions that meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generations from meeting theirs. If our developments are not sustainable, then it means we will come to suffer at some point. It may not be us, but the future generations will undoubtedly do. How do we achieve this in the construction sector? The built environment contributes up to 40% of global emissions and can therefore play a decisive role in promoting a circular construction sector. This necessitates a need for a circular economic response that can unlock economic, social, and environmental opportunities for all.

This is only possible through applying the circularity principles; reduce, reclaim, reuse and recycle.

When we do this at present, we are able to give the future a planet in which to enjoy their lives. We ensure that we acquire only the resources that fit what is to be done, if there is any that can be re-purposed, it is reused. Should there be any excess materials it is donated to community regeneration projects within the neighborhoods.

Endelevu presents the platform for the different players in the sector to participate in the application of the principles.