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Endelevu School Program

Endelevu School Program supports the construction of better, inclusive school infrastructure by crowd-sourcing new and second-hand building materials, innovative designs, and an empowered youth workforce. Endelevu School projects espouse the I3S (Inclusive, Safe, Secure and Sustainable) pillars of the school of the future; and entail the construction of:

  1. School Perimeter walls using earthbags made from reclaimed soil and used cement bags to secure schools from exposures to natural risks such as flooding and land grabbing;
  2. Adaptive physical facilities including furniture and fixtures to cater for learners and staff with special needs and disabilities;
  3. Better sanitation facilities (toilets, water supply, and waste treatment facilities) in schools;
  4. Tuition facilities (classrooms, science laboratories, and libraries) and accommodation facilities (dormitories, dining/multipurpose rooms) using rammed earth, strawbale, and recycled materials.

We welcome you to support Endelevu School projects by:

  • donating construction materials and equipment here, or 
  • donating cash for labour here, or 
  • contacting us here to discuss your preferred donation plan.

Visit here for more information on Endelevu School Program.